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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Node.js vs Go Comparison Table

Node.js vs Go Comparison Table

The primary Comparison between Node.js vs Go are discussed below:
The basis of comparison Between Node.js vs Go
PerformanceAs Node.js is based on JavsScript which is interpreted language is generally slower than compiled languages. But in real life Go and Node.js provides satisfactory results as overall performance will be affected by so many factors.Go gives a good raw performance for CPU and memory-bounded tasks as it is based on C language which is good at performance. So Go is the real winner in terms of performance.
ConcurrencyNode.js is a single threaded and uses event-callback mechanism. So we can’t achieve concurrency using it.Go language uses goroutines and lightweight thread communication mechanism to achieve concurrency as it is elegant and seamless due to channels.
ScalabilityNode.js is weaker in terms of achieving the parallel process for large projects as it uses event callback mechanism though it will get done a job for smaller projectsWhereas Go has “goroutines” which is a big advantage as they handle parallel threads very effectively. In general parallel tasks will be complex but with Go, we can do simply.
Tools for DevelopersNode.js has so many tools available for developers to develop every possible application as we have platforms, examples, and libraries.As Go is a new language, it has good libraries and packages to use but comparatively, with node.js it has less tool as a developer will do more programming work.
Error HandlingNode.js uses “catch/throw” mechanism for error handling as errors will catch immediately after the occurrence and familiar among developers. But in last final application will be sub-optimalGo language uses explicit error handling as error codes return after program flow completes – which is a difficult process but gives reliable application with consistency.
Learning CurveNode.js has a lot of resources available both online and offline as it is the most popular programming language with huge developer communities by which we can assistance while learningWhereas Go has very few resources for learning as it is a new language we need to follow specific rules, concepts to learn and clear doubts. As Go is backend language we need to use JavaScript for the frontend.
Developers availabilityNode.js has a lot of developers as it is a popular language for web development. We can easily form a team with a different level of Node.js knowledge people.Whereas Go, we have very fewer developers as it is a new programming language. Still many are learning as resources also minimal. Forming a team with Go developers is a difficult task.


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